Finally, a ‘Training and Talent Development’ Firm that weaves ingredients of Technology, Business Strategies, and Learning Objectives


Stuvoy is a 'Training and Talent Development' company offering Technologically Driven Talent Development Solutions that bridge the Training and Talent development needs of the Leading Firms.

Stuvoy offers Targeted Training interventions that weave the ingredients of Technology, Business Strategies, and Learning Objectives to create something that is highly tailored and effective in a real-world scenario. Stuvoy Designs and Develops Targeted Training interventions by meticulously understanding the underlying business model, the services/ products being delivered and the nuances of integrating PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY.

SOMM (Stuvoy Organizational Maturity Model) a Maturity Assessment Framework and a Roadmap Model makes possible the measurement of the Maturity of PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY. Once Maturity assessment is done via the SOMM Framework, organizations can 'Target' with a 'Surgeon's Knife Precision' the Training Interventions needed to improve the Maturity Levels of PEOPLE, PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY to create the Maximum Business Impact hence the ROI (Return on Investment).

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Delivery of Targeted Training Interventions with Surgeon's Knife Precision approach is done by Certified Specialist Trainers & Facilitators. These Trainers are no less than 'Specialist Surgeons' in the field of Training & Talent Development.


Because we serve the leading corporates, we onboard no less than the Leading & the Best Trainers this Talent Development Industry has to offer. Perhaps this is the only reason why becoming a part of STPN (STUVOY Training Professionals Network) is a matter of pride for any Trainer across the Globe.


We are known to pamper our Trainers with Top contracts backed with timely payments, perks, and recognition that no other Training Firm offers. Rubbing shoulders with only the best Trainers in the industry, getting noticed on a global scale, leveraging the best Technology aids for Training and accessing the best reference material are some of the benefits that our Trainers enjoy.


Successful organizations leverage Technology and Associated Assessment Frameworks like SOMM (Stuvoy Organizational Maturity Model) that evaluate an organization’s maturity on parameters related to PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY. Hence Leading firms demonstrate the ability to create an ecosystem for learning and development that supports individualized training needs.

With Targeted investments in improving PEOPLE, PROCESSES & TECHNOLOGY, organizations are continuously and successfully sharpening the competitive ‘axe’ required to survive and thrive in the modern-day competitive world.

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The Challenges In Identifying & Executing Targeted Training Interventions

SOMM: Organizational Targeted Training Interventions Designing Platform

STUVOY Platform: Organizational Targeted Training Interventions Execution Platform